The Æsir-Vanir War was a conflict between the Æsir and Vanir. The war was sparked by the burning of Gullveig and resulted in the unification of the Norse-Germanic pantheon by the exchange of hostages.


300px-Æsir-Vanir war by Frølich

Odin throws his spear

Gullveig was a woman who was set on fire thrice by the Æsir. It is unknown why and how this sparked the war but eventually, Odin and the Æsir attack the Vanir. Eventually the gods reach a truce, with Njörðr, Freyr and Freyja being sent to the Æsir and Hœnir and Mímir to the Vanir. During the peace talks, it is stated by Bragi, the gods spit into a bowl and create Kvasir, the origin of poetry.