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In Norse mythology, Útgarðar (literal meaning: "Outyards"; plural of Útgarðr; the word can be anglicised to Utgard, Utgardar and in other ways) surrounded a stronghold of the giants.

They are associated with Útgarða-Loki, a great and devious giant featured in one of the myths concerning Thor, Loki and their companion Þjálfi, who compete in rigged competitions held in the Outyards, such as Thor lifting the head of a cat (which was actually Jormungandr), Thor drinking from a horn (of drink) and finishing it in three gulps (the horn was in fact connected to the ocean), Loki having an eating competition with Kari (the personification of fire) and Thor's wrestling competition with an old woman (the personification of age) and Þjálfi racing against Hugi (the personification of thought). 

These outdoor arenas contrast with the putrid, indoor cave where Útgarða-Loki is said to dwell, when chained, in the Gesta Danorum. In another version of Norse mythology, Utgard is thought to be the final of the three worlds connected to Yggdrasil being the home of the demons, the other two being Asgard and Midgard.

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