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Adamantine is a term used to describe any material which composition was that of a very hard material. Although not only referring to metals, the Adamantine was also known as the metal of the gods.

Adamantine is described as been unbreakable, untarnishable, lightweight and resilient.

In MythologyEdit



Adamantine luster in Ruby

In Geology and in Manufacturing enginnering, Adamantine is a mineral, often referred to as adamantine spar. It is a silky brown form of corundum. Adamantine is also used as an adjective to refer to non-metallic, brilliant light reflecting and transmitting properties, known as adamantine luster.

In Popular CultureEdit

  • Adamantine wolv

    Adamantine in Astonishing X-Men

    On the Astonishing X-Men's storyline Exalted, Cyclops meets alternate versions of his X-Men teammates, one of them is an alternate Wolverine, whose inner skeleton and therefore claws are composed of Adamantine instead of Adamantium.

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