Aghoy - Height: 6 inches

In the Philippine Mythology, Waray folklore describes them as attractive-looking men and women in their early twenties often seen barefoot; although it is said they are actually small in size. They have golden to blond hair, deep-set eyes of blue, green, or brown, and high bridged noses. The trees serve as their gateway to the human world. They come out after dark and call their human friends through whistles. They will only enter a friend’s house if they are invited. They are good at finding lost things belonging to friends but often use this skill to test their friends’ honesty. An aghoy will present to a friend an object of great value, pretending it has no idea what the missing object is. An honest friend is rewarded with a magic purse that never runs out of gold while a dishonest one is abandoned forever, never to see the aghoy again. Sometimes aghoy play pranks on their friends by changing their positions while they are asleep.