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In Japanese Shinto mythology, Ame-No-Wakahiko is the son of Ame-No-Hohi and husband of Shitateru-hime.

Ame-No-Wakahiko was sent by the other gods to rule the earth after Ame-No-Hohi disappeared. Eight years passed with no word from Ame-No-Wakahiko, so the gods sent down a pheasant to find him. The pheasant perched in a tree outside Ame-No-Wakahiko's house, where a woman noticed it and told Ame-No-Wakahiko that it was an evil omen.

Ame-No-Wakahiko shot the pheasant, but his arrow passed right through it and shot on to heaven, where it fell at the feet of Amaterasu and Takami-Masubi. Takami-Masubi recognized the arrow and, angered, threw it back to earth, where it killed Ame-No-Wakahiko.

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