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300px-Lycaon turned into wolf-Goltzius-1589

Lycaon is turned into a werewolf

The Arcadians resided in the central Peloponessus.


  1. Pelasgius, son of Zeus
  2. Lycaon, son of Pelasgius
  3. Nyctimus, son of Lycaon
  1. Arcas, son of Zeus and grandson of Lycaon
  2. Apheidas, son of Arcas
  3. Aleus, son of Arcas, father of Auge and maternal grandfather of Telephus of Mysia (son of Heracles)
  4. Cepheus, son of Aleus
  5. Lycurgus, son of Aleus
  6. Iasus, son of Lycurgus, father of Atalanta
  7. Echemus, grandson of Aleus, son-in-law of Tyndareus of Sparta
  8. Agapenor, grandson of Lycurgus, son of Ancaeus, led the Arcadians in the Trojan War

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