Asclepius was a demigod, the son of Apollo and Coronis (herself a grandaughter of Ares) of the Lapiths. During her pregnancy, Apollo discovered she was having an affair with Ischys. His sister Artemis, shot her on behalf of her brother. However, Apollo, distraught at the sight of her death, saved his son and gave him to Chiron the centaur to raise. ===

He was the husband of Epione and father of Hygeia, Iaso, Panaceia, Aegle and Aceso, all deities involved with
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Asclepius with his staff

aspects of healing.

In Myth

He was a proficient healer who even managed to bring back the dead. Hades, however, complained to Zeus that the number of his subjects was dwindling and Zeus struck Asclepius with a lightning bolt. Apollo, in a fit of rage, killed the Cyclopes that made the bolt, and Zeus sentenced him to serve King Acastus in Iolcus. Zeus also placed Asclepius in the sky as the contellation Ophiuchus. He was later revered as the patron of healers and doctors. His serpent-entwined staff is used as the symbol of the medical profession today.
US Army Medical Corps Branch Plaque

Staff of Asclepius used as a symbol on the U.S. Medical Corps Branch Plaque

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