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Atalanta picks up the apples as Hippomenes takes the lead

Atalanta was a famous huntress and warrior. She was the daughter of Iasus, an Arcadian king who originally abandoned her because he desired a boy.

Calydonian Boar Hunt

Atalanta participated in the Hunt for the Calydonian Boar, along with Meleager and many other heroes. She was the first to draw blood from the boar and was awarded the skin of the boar by Meleager. However, Meleager's uncles were upset that a woman had been awarded the skin and tried to take it from her. Meleager then killed his uncles in anger and was killed by his mother, who put a magical log on the fire which protected her son so long as it was intact. After Melegaer died, Atalanta wandered around an was rediscovered by her father.
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Foot Race

At one point Atalanta joined the Argonauts and when she returned home, her father wished to marry her off. She portested and organized a foot race, so whoever could beat her would marry her. However, many young men attempted and were killed for losing. In this way, she remained unmarried for a long time until Hippomenes, praying to Aphrodite, requested divine assistance. Aphrodite gave him three golden apples and during the race, he dropped them. While Atalanta stopped to pick them up, he finished the race ahead of her. In time they were married and produced a son. Eventually, Rhea turned them into a pair of lions for making love in one of her temples.