The Axehandle Hound is a dog-like mythical creature with an axe for it's snout. They can also be called Ax-handle Hounds, or Axhandle Hounds.

Axehandle hound


Axehandle Hounds, despite their sharp snouts, are not aggressive. In fact, the only mischief they are known to cause is stealing unattended axes.


Axehandle Hounds have sharp snouts, which can be used to cut up wood and other things (as well as if they are attacking or defending). They also have the abilities of a dog as well.


  • Axehandle Hounds eat axe handles
  • They were reported by lumberjacks of the forests in Wisconsin and Minnesota. It had a large axe-shaped head and a slender axe-handle like body
  • Some reporters called it 'dachshund like'

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