A bluecap is a legendary fae ghost hybrid.

They are known to cause much luck when looking for natural minerals and gemstones. They will lead the right people to uncover these gems in dreams, visions or hallucinations within the waking realm. The intent and purpose of these minerals is to be used for spiritual purpose and magical rituals. A bluecap fae is a good blesser for magical mineral artifacts.

At night you can see the bluecap fairy in dark places, mostly deep dwelling caves. They flicker like a candle with a soft blue glowing light. The reason that they flicker this color is because it is representative of Mercury, and water and emotions and also beautiful blue flowers.

They are crossed with ghosts and phantoms because they commonly follow where these beings dwell and seek to help them by calling into the night blessings onto them from their realm into ours, to help them to crossover. They are commonly seen with eachother.