Bungisngis is a one-eyed giant that is found in Philippine folklore. This giant lives in Meluz, Orion, Bataan. Bungisngis is described as a one eyed giant who is always laughing. The literal meaning of the name Bungingis is derived from the Tagalog word ngisi which means "to giggle".

The Bungisngis has a humanoid shape. It has large teeth which are always showing, and its upper lip covers its face when it is thrown back. Two long tusks project from the side of its mouth. The giant only has one eye, which is found in the middle of its forehead, but this is compensated by its strong sense of hearing. It has also displays unusual strength. In the Filipino tale "The Three Friends - The Monkey, The Dog and The Carabao, The giant is able to lift the carabao and throw it with such force that it ends knee-deep in the ground. However, despite its strength, the bungisngis is easily outwitted and quickly panics. In the tale of the Three Friends, Monkey's tricks led him to his death.

A Bungisngis stands more than 10 feet tall and weighs about 850 pounds.

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