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The Muses were originally all aspects of one goddess.

The Muses are goddesses that inspire mortals to do creative works. There are three sets spanning three generations.

Mousai TitanidesEdit

The Titaness Muses. Daughters of Uranus and Gaia . There are five Mousai Titanides, Melete, Aiode, Thelxinoe, Arkhe and Mnemosyne (mother of the Mousai Olympides ).

Mousai OlympidesEdit

The Muses of Olympus. Daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus. There are nine Mousai Olympides, Cleo , Euterpe, Ourania , Melpomene , Terpsichore, Polyhymnia, Thalia , Erato and Calliope (mother of the Mousai Apollonides).

Mousai ApollonidesEdit

The Muses of Apollo . Daughters of Calliope and Apollo. There are six Mousai Apollonides, Cephiso, Apollonis, Borysthenis, Nete, Mese and Hypate.

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