220px-AdolfSchmidt Herkules besiegt die goldbekrönte Hirschkuh

Heracles captures the Hind

The Ceryneian Hind was an animal held sacred to Artemis. It was so fast it could outrun an arrow. It had golden antlers and so was called the Golden Hind. Eurystheus requested the capture of this animal as part of Heracles' third labour. This task was requested in a bid to have Heracles earn Artemis' distaste.


220px-Herakles hind BM B231

Heracles captures the Golden Hind

Heracles tracked the animal for one year on foot. When he finally trapped it, Artemis and Apollo appeared to him. Heracles begged forgiveness and requested their mercy as he had to capture the animal as part of his labours. Artemis agreed on condition he release the animal as soon as possible. When Eurystheus attempted to take the animal from Heracles, it darted away back to its mistress.

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