200px-Andromache mourns Hector

Andromache and her son mourn Hector

The Cilicians were a people of the south-east of Anatolia. They were allies of Troy


  1. Cilix, son of Agenor of Tyre, brother of Cadmus of Thebes and Phoenix
  2. Thasos, son of Cilix
  3. Iasion, maternal grandson of Cilix, paternal grandson of Cybele
  4. Agenor, son of Iasion
  5. Podes, son of Agenor
  6. Theanus, son of Podes
  7. Carystus, son of Theanus
  8. Eetion, son of Carystus, father of Andromache and father-in-law of Hector of Troy
  9. Podes, son of Eetion, killed by Menelaus

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