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755px-Inferno Canto 5 line 4 Minos

King Minos portrayed in Dante's Inferno

The Cretans were a peoples who resided in Crete, the largest of the Aegean Sea islands. They lived mainly in Knossos.


  1. Tectamus, son of Dorus
  2. Asterion, son of Tectamus
  3. Rhadamanthys, step-son of Asterion, son of Europa and Zeus, became a judge in the Underworld, brother of Sarpedon, king of Lycia
  4. Minos, step-son of Asterion, son of Europa and Zeus became a judge in the Underworld, married to Pasiphae, daughter of Helios, brother of Sarpedon, king of Lycia
  5. Catreus, son of Minos, killed by his own son beacuse of a prophecy
  6. Deucalion, son of Minos, refused to participate in the Trojan War
  7. Idomeneus, son of Deucalion, led the Cretans in the Trojan War
  8. Leucus, committed adultery with Medea, Idomeneus' wife and usurped the kingship

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