Fall of Uranus

Uranus is castrated with the scythe

Cronus' scythe was the main weapon and tool used by the king of the titans - Kronos (or Cronus). It was given to him by his mother, Gaia and used it to castrate his father, Uranus.

It was taken by his three sons, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and thrown into the sea, whereupon it became the island of Corcyra.


The Scythe of Kronos was created by his mother Gaia to kill her self-created son/husband Uranus for his evil behavior to their children. It's other abilities are unknown but it may posses similar powers to Cronus himself as it was one of his symbols of power and it was in his possession for many years.

  • Divine Weapon
    • Indestructible Item
    • Divine Magic
      • Divine Slaying
      • Essence Scattering

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