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220px-Herakles and Telephos Louvre MR219

Heracles, famous ancestor of the Heraclidae

The Dorians were a barbarian tribe who arrived in Thessaly and invaded the Peloponessus under the Heraclidae.


  1. Aegimius
  2. Hyllas, son of Heracles, son-in-law of Aegimius
  3. Cleodamus, son of Hyllas
  4. Aristomachus, son of Cleodamus
  5. Cresphontes, future king of Pylos, son of Aristomachus
  6. Temenus, future king of Argos, son of Aristomachus
  7. Aristodemus, son of Aristomachus
  8. Procles, future co-king of Sparta, son of Aristodemus
  9. 'Eurysthenes', future co-king of Sparta, son of Aristodemus

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