This article is about Egyptians in Greek mythology. For mythology of the Egyptians, see Egyptian mythology.

The Egyptians were a people who inhabited the upper Nile valley and feature in Greek mythology.



  1. Nilus, the river god, son of Oceanus and embodiment of the Nile river
  2. Psammetichus, son of Nilus, husband of Io after she fled to Egypt
  3. Epaphus, son of Io and Zeus, husband of Memphis and father of Libya, also King of Aethiopia
  4. Anysus, son of Psammetichus and his first wife
  5. Belus, son of Poseidon and Libya, grandson of Epaphus, brother of Agenor, also King of Libya
  6. Aegyptus (from whom the country takes its name), son of Belus, brother of Danaus of Argos, most of his sons were killed by their wives, the daughters of Danaus, also King of Libya
  7. Bromius, son of Aegyptus, brother of Lynceus, also King of Libya
  8. Archelaus, son of Bromius, also King of Libya
  9. Nitocris, son of Archelaus
  10. Sabacos, son of Nitocris
  11. Amysius, son of Sabacos
  12. Busiris, son of Amysius, killed by Heracles
  13. Sesostris, son of Busiris
  14. Pheron, son of Sesostris
  15. Proteus, son of Pheron. In some accounts, Proteus gave sanctuary to Helen and Paris upon their return from Sparta