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Endymion sleeping under Selene

The Eleans were the people of Elis, a land in the northwest Peloponessus.



  1. Aethlius, son of Zeus and Protogeneia, daughter of Deucalion and Pyrrha
  2. Endymion, son of Aethlius
  3. Epeius, son of Endymion
  4. Aetolus, brother of Epeius
  5. Eleius, nephew of Aetolus, son of Poseidon
  6. Alector, son of Eleius


  1. Oenomaus, son of Ares


  1. Pelops, son-in-law of Oenomaus


  1. Phorbas, brother-in-law of Alector, son of Lapith, King of the Lapiths
  2. Actor, son of Phorbas
  3. Augeas, brother of Actor. Heracles was forced to clean his stables as part of the twelve labours
  4. Agasthenes, son of Augeas
  5. Polyxenus, son of Agasthenes
  6. Amphimachus, son of Polyxenus
  7. Eleius, son of Amphimachus


  1. Oxylus
  2. Laias, son of Oxylus

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