The Lady Frigg
General Info
Title(s) *Goddess of Marriage
*Keeper of Domestic Arts
*Queen of Asgard
Abode Asgard
Consort Odin
Children Baldr, Höðr, Thor (step-son)

Frigg is one of the major deities in Norse mythology. She is the wife of the Allfather Odin; daughter of the giants; the Goddess of marriage, fertility & motherhood; keeper of Domestic Arts, and the Queen of Asgard.


Lady Frigg is the beloved-wife of Odin, the mother of the two twin gods Baldr and Höðr (by Odin), stepmother of the thunder-god Thor, and she is also one of the foremost goddesses of Asgard.

She has a reputation of knowing every person's destiny, but never unveils it. She tried to prevent the death of her son, Baldr by extracting oaths from every object in nature, but forgot the mistletoe, and by a dart made from mistletoe Baldr died.

She has a handmaiden named, Fulla. Her messenger is Gná, who rides through the sky on the horse Hofvarpnir.

Her hall in Asgard is Fensalir, "water halls".

In some myths, she was rumored to have had love affairs with Odin's brothers, Ve and Vili.


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