God of War II cover

God of War II is a 2007 hack-and-slash action/adventure video game featuring the demigod known as Kratos and serves as sequel to the first game of the series, God of War. The game follows Kratos as he continues his revenge against the Olympian gods. The game was released in North America on March 13, 2007, in Europe on April 27, and on May 3, 2007 in Australia. The game features the appearance of mythological figures such as Zeus, Theseus and Perseus.





  • Icarus
  • Rhodes Soldier
  • Rhodes Archer


  • Kraken
  • Satyrs
    • Satyr Champions
  • Harpy
    • Cursed Harpy
    • Hades Harpy
  • Nymph
  • Minotaur
    • Minotaur Grunt
    • Hades Minotaur
    • Erebus Minotaur
    • Titan Minotaur
  • Cyclops
    • Cyclops Tyrant
    • Cyclops Berserker
    • Cyclops Brute
  • Cerberus
    • Wild Cerberus
    • Mole Cerberus
    • Cerberus Breeder
    • Cerberus Seed
  • Undead
    • Undead Legionnaire
    • Undead Archer
    • Cursed Legionnaire
    • Cursed Archer
  • Legionnaire
    • Legionnaire Captain
    • Hades Legionnaire
  • Fates Sentry
  • Fates Guardian
  • Hades Fiend
  • Cursed Remains
  • Juggernaut
    • Fates Juggernaut
    • Hades Juggernaut
  • Wraiths
    • Wraith of Athens
    • Wraith of Asphodel
  • Beast Lord
  • Barbarian Mercenary
  • High Priest of the Fates
  • Gorgon
    • Gorgon Assasin
    • Gorgon Queen
  • Siren
    • Desert Siren
    • Siren Widow
  • Rabid Hound
  • Wild Boar
  • Griffin Rider
  • Griffin
  • Raven


  • Kratos was named Cratos in mythology.
  • Cratos was a Titan in mythology, not a demigod.
Jason in God of War II
  • While in God of War II Jason and his Argonauts died before retrieving the Golden fleece, in myth, Jason was not eaten by a Cerberus and did not die when searching for the Golden fleece. He and his argonauts did find the Golden fleece.
Golden Fleece in God of War II 2
Golden Fleece
  • While in mythology the Golden Fleece was a golden-colored mantle-like skin of a sheep, in the game, the fleece is a golden metallic plate used as a protector of the user's shoulder and upper arm.



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