The Golden Apple of Discord was created by Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Zeus had thrown a wedding on Mount Olympus for Thetis the sea nymph and mortal Peleus. After Eris found out that she was not invited, she crashed the wedding and threw the apple inscribed with the word "kallisti" or "for the fairest". The goddesses all fought over the apple, but it came down to Hera, Aphrodite and Athena. They asked Zeus to decide who received the apple and he told them that Paris of Troy was to choose the fairest. Each of the goddesses offered him a gift for the apple. Hera offered him the chance to be the king of Asia and Europe. Athena offered him wisdom and to become the world's greatest warrior. Aphrodite offered him the love of Helen of Sparta, who was married to King Menelaus. Paris of Troy gave the apple to Aphrodite. After Paris kidnapped her, Aphrodite kept her promise and gave him the love of Helen of Sparta. King Menelaus and Helen's former suitors refused to rest until she was found. All due to Golden Apple of Discord, the Trojan War had begun.

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