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General Info
Mythology Greek
Country Greece
Parents Ceto and Phorcys
Sibling(s) Gorgons

In Greek mythology, the Graeae (sing. Graea) were a group of sisters, the offspring of Ceto and Phorcys. Their names are Deino, Enyo and Pemphredo.

They are one of many trios of goddesses in Greek Mythology, much like the Gorgon sisters. They took the form of old, grey-haired women. Like many sets of old crones in mythology, they all shared one eye and one tooth.

They were the goddesses of old age, even though they were also classified as monsters. Because of this, they were given no power or regard by the other gods.

Perseus seeks out the Graeae and forces them to reveal the location of Medusa's lair by stealing their common eye.

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