Hermes by Taekwondonj
General Info
Title(s) God of Commerce, Thieves, Travelersand Shepherds
Messenger God
Greek Ἑρμῆς
Consort Dryope
Parents Zeus and Maia
Children Many
Roman Equivalent Mercury
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Hermes is the messenger of Zeus and the god of commerce/trade, lies, thieves, medicine, and is a minor god of music and prophecy. Hermes is also the god of travelers and shepherds.[1] He is the son of Zeus and Maia.[2] He is also a psychopomp, meaning he leads the souls of the dead to the Underworld, ruled by his uncle.

Giant statues of Hermes Phallus were erected all around Athens

It is said that when Hermes was a newborn babe, he stole some of Apollo's cattle. For punishment of this crime, Hermes gave Apollo his lyre (which Hermes had invented).

His Roman counterpart is the god Mercury.

In Stories

The Odyssey

In Homer's Odyssey, Hermes intervenes at certain times, and the words he says always are in the form of a poem.


Immortal Offspring

With Aphrodite

  • Hermaphroditus

With Penelopeia

  • Pan
  • Autolycus (m. Amphithea)
    • Anticleia (m. Laertes) (Mortal)
      • Odysseus (m. Penelope) (Mortal)
        • Telemachus (m. Circe ) (Mortal)
          • Italus (Mortal)
  • Cephalus (m. Procris) (Mortal)
  • Arcesius (Mortal)
    • Laertes (m. Anticleia) (Mortal)
      • Odysseus (m. Penelope) (Mortal)
        • Telemachus (m. Circe ) (Mortal)
          • Italus (Mortal)

In Popular Culture

  • Hermes appears on the animated series Class of the Titans' first episode, entitled Chaos 101.


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