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The Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity comprising of Brahma (the creator, left), Vishnu (the preserver, centre) and Shiva (the destroyer, right).

Hindu mythology

Is the collection of traditional narratives related to Hinduism and Southern Asia.


it is similar to Norse mythology, Hindu mythology's cosmos is divided in a series of realms. These worlds or realms are called Lokas. The three main Lokas are Swarga loka, Prithvi loka and Patala loka, these correspond to the realms of Devas (gods), humans and Asuras (demons).

Hindu Pantheon


The Tridevi, Hindu Triple goddess comprising of Lakshmi (wealth, consort of Vishnu, left), Parvati (motherhood, consort of Shiva, centre) and Saraswati (wisdom, consort of Brahma, right).


Some Devas of the Hindu pantheon are:


Some Devis (goddesses) of the Hindu pantheon are

  • Saraswati (Wisdom)
  • Parvati (Motherhood)
  • Lakshmi (Wealth)
  • Aditi (Mother of Gods)
  • Diti (Mother of Demons)
  • Prithvi (Earth)
  • Mara (Death)
  • Tara (Salvation, form of Parvati)
  • Rati (Love)
  • Ushas (Dawn)
  • Ratri (Night)
  • Ganga (The Ganges River)
  • Saranyu (Dusk)
  • Varuni (Nectar)
  • Sachi (Beauty)
  • Yami (Death)
  • Kali   (Destruction, form of Parvati)
  • Durga   (the Invincible, form of Parvati)
  • Chamunda (form of Parvati)
  • Brahmacharini (form of Parvati)
  • Chandrakanta (form of Parvati)
  • Shailputri (form of Parvati)
  • Gauri (Releif from suffering, form of Parvati)
  • Shodashi (Beauty, form of Parvati)
  • Bhairavi (Feroctiy, form of Parvati)
  • Bhuvaneshwari (World Mother, form of Parvati)
  • Dhumavati (Widowhood, Death, form of Parvati)
  • Chhinmasta (Self-Control, form of Parvati)
  • Kamala (Grace, form of Parvati)
  • Matangi (Impurity, form of Parvati)
  • Bhagalmukhi (Goddess who can control her enemies, form of Parvati)


Asuras were demons in Hindu mythology


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