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237px-Roman Baths, Bath - Sea Horse Mosaic

Hippocampus on a mosaic in Roman Britain

Complete Guide to Heraldry Fig364

Hippocampi were used in heraldry

In Greek mythology, the hippocamp or hippocampus (plural: hippocamps or hippocampi; Greek: ἱππόκαμπος, from ἵππος, "horse" and κάμπος, "monster"),[1] mythological creature often called a sea-horse[2] in English. The Hippocamp is included in Phoenician mythology,[3] and was also adopted into Etruscan mythology. It is also known as Hippocampi.


  1. Word origin of Hippocampus at [1]; compare the nameless monster Campe.
  2. The hyphen distinguishes from the seahorse, a real fish.
  3. Coins minted at Tyre, show the patron god Melqart riding on a winged hippocamp: see the fourth century BCE Yizre'el Valley silver hoard.

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