Death of Oeneus

Hippocoon is the name of several characters of Greek mythology, the most notable being a king of Sparta.

Hippocoon of Sparta

Hippocoon was born the son of King Oebalus and half-brother of Tyndareus and Icarius. When his father died, Tyndareus inherited the kingdom, however, with the help of his sons, Hippocoon usurped the throne, exiling his brothers. Later, he refused to cleanse Heracles of the death of Iphitus. Heracles subsequently declared war, supported by Iphicles and Cepheus, King of Arcadia. In the war, he killed Iphicles and was killed, along with his sons, by Heracles, as revenge for killing Oeneus, who stoned their dog in self-defense. Tyndareus was then reinstated as king, along with his brother Icarius.

Preceded by:
Tyndareus (First Rule)
King of Sparta
Succeeded by
Tyndareus (Second Rule) and


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