Hyperion is the Titan God of Heavenly Light, wisdom and watchfulness and Lord of the East. He controls what happens with the sun, because of its light. His three children, by his sister Theia, are all associated with light.


Hyperion was the son of Gaia and Uranus. Along with his brothers and sisters he was one of the elder Titans. He held the East while Kronos castrated Uranus. After the Olympians defeated the Titans, he was cast into Tartarus (Location).

In Popular Culture


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    Hyperion in Immortals

    Hyperion appears on the 2011 film Immortals. In the film however, he is not a Titan but instead a human genocidal with a hatred for the gods and leader of an army of deformed men. He is portrayed by Mickey Rourke.


Video games

  • Hyperion appears in the God of War video game franchise:
    • Kratos finds Hyperion in shackles in the depths of Tartarus in God of War: Chains of Olympus.


Video games