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Immortals: Gods and Heroes is an anthology giant-size 100-pages graphic novel released by Relativity Digital, which acts as a prequel to the 2011 epic fantasy film Immortals.
Immortals gods and heroes

Cover for the Graphic novel


The graphic novel is divided in two sections, the first section is entitled Gods, and the second section is entitled Heroes. The first section includes the following chapters.

Rise of the OlympiansEdit

Rise of the Olympians
Writer Jim McCann
Artist Dennis Calero
Letterer Marshall Dillon



The Pride of PrometheusEdit

The Pride of Prometheus

Writer Ben McCool
Artist Trevor Hairsine
Colorist David Baron
Letterer Rus Wooton



Dungeon of the DamnedEdit

Dungeon of the Damned
Writer David Gallaher
Artist Kevin Colden
Letterer Rus Wooton
Colorist Jordie Bellaire



The Bow BearerEdit

The Bow Bearer
Writer Paul Tobin
Artist Ben Templesmith
Letterer Rus Wooton


The War of the GodsEdit

The War of the Gods
Writer Ron Marz
Artist Rafael Kayanan
Letterer Rus Wooton


The second section of the graphic novel entitled Heroes, includes the following chapters:

The Age of HyperionEdit

The Age of Hyperion
Writer Brian Clevinger
Artist Patrick Cherberger
Inkers Patrick Cherberger, Terry Pallot and Sandro Ribiero
Colorist Adam Street
Letterer Deron Bennett


The Law of ZeusEdit

The Law of Zeus
Writer F. J. DeSanto
Artist Scott Hampton
Letterer Rus Wooton


The Old Man's WarningEdit

The Old Man's Warning
Writer Jeff Parker
Artist Phil Hester
Letterer Chris Sotomayor
Letterer Rus Wooton


The Origin of the BeastEdit

The Origin of the Beast
Writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist Steve Ellis
Letterer Marshall Dillon


The HuntEdit

The Hunt
Writer Jock
Artist Jock



Featured itemsEdit

  • Epirus' Bow

Featured locationsEdit


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