Indra riding his elephant
General Info
Title(s) *King of the Gods
*God of Lightning, Thunder, Rains and River flows
*King of Heaven
Sanskrit इन्द्र
Consort Sachi
Parents Aditi and Kashyap
Sibling(s) Agni, Surya and Varuna
Children Arjuna
Mount Airavat (elephant)

Indra is the Hindu god of of lightning, thunder, rains and river flows, and king of the gods and heaven. He lives in Swargaloka (heaven), the husband of Sachi. He is brother to Surya and the son of Aditi. He also appears in Buddhist and Jainist, and some interpret the Daoist Jade Emperor as an interpretation of him.

In Mythology

During the Vedic Era, Indra was a very popular god. He is remembered for defeating Vtra--who was either an asura who drank all of the world's water, the creation of Tvashtri to avenge her son, or a Brahmin who gained godlike powers and went rogue. Regardless, Indra defeated and killed him.

Indra is also credited with smashing the Vala cave and freeing the dawn.

His hall in Svarga is, like Valhalla, a place for deceased warriors to go after death, although instead of fighting they watch the Apsaras and Gandharvas dance, and play games.


He rides on Airavat, a white elephant, and is described as golden-skinned or blond.

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