Iphition in Greek Mythology was a half-Naiad Trojan, the son of Otrynteus. His mother was a Naiad Nymph, and he was born in the countryside of Hyde.

He was the first man to be killed by Achilles after Achilles' return to the battlefield at Troy during the tenth year of the Trojan War.


Achilles struck Iphition with his spear in the middle of the head, which broke "into two pieces".

Lie there, Otrynteus' son, most terrifying of all men. Here is your death, but your generation was by the lake waters of Gyge, where is the alloted land of your fathers by fish-swarming Hyllos and the whirling waters of Hermos.
Achilles to dead Iphition, in The Iliad (translated to English by Richmond Lattimore)
 Next in that onslaught Achilles killed Demoleon.

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