Cover art for the Circa Survive album

Juturna was a goddess of fountains, wells and springs. She was a sister of Turnus. For that, she supported Turnus by helping him in a battle against Aeneas and carrying him to safety. She was also the mother of Fontus by Janus.

Jupiter turned her into a water nymph and gave her a sacred well in Lavinium, Latium, as well as another one near the temple to Vesta in the Forum Romanum. One of her fountains was Juturnae, named directly after her. Juturna had an affair with Jupiter but the secret was betrayed by another nymph, Larunda. Zeus acted on punishment to Larunda

Works Referencing Juturna

The Circa Survive Album "Juturna" used to symbolize a new start for the members

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