General Info
Title(s) God of War
Consort Hina
Parents Rangi and Papa
Sibling(s) Kāne, Lono, Kanaloa

(or Kūka'ilimoku) is the Hawaiian god of war. He wields a fiery mace that burns with the souls of the gods, demons and mortals he has personally slain in combat.

In Mythology

Ku’s prowess in battle was responsible for saving all the deities in the Hawaiian pantheon after the separation of Papa and Rangi caused a massive assault by the storm god Apuhau. Next, when another of his brothers, the sea god Kanaloa, launched a war against his fellow deities it was again Ku who prevailed against him (though the conflict caused the submergence of Havaiki, the mythical home island of all the Polynesian peoples, an event that supposedly caused their massive nautical migration to various island groups). Human sacrifices were offered to Ku at heiau temples.


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