General Info
Title(s) Goddess of fertility, sorcery and dark powers
Parents Haumea
Sibling(s) Kāne Milohai, Kā-moho-aliʻi, Nāmaka, Pele, Hiʻiaka
Children Laka

Kapo is the Hawaiian goddess of fertility, sorcery and dark powers who can assume any shape she wills.

In Mythology

She saved Pele from being raped by Kama-pua'a by sending her flying vagina (kohe lele) as a lure. Kama followed this to Koko Head, Oahu, where it left an imprint. Later Kapo hid it in Kalihi Valley. "When the Hawaiians dream of a woman without a vagina it is Kapo. Unless a medium possessed by Kapo wears a ti leaf protection she is in danger of having this part of her body torn at."

"Kapo, sister of the poison-tree gods of Maunaloa and proficient in the arts of herb medicine and sorcery, teaches Ke-ao-melemele on the dancing field near Waolani in Nu'uanu valley until she can dance in the skies and over the sea." "As Kapo’ulakina’u (Kapo-red-spotted) she was the Kapo invoked by kahuna when sending evil back upon someone."


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