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There are 32 kings who have ruled or will rule Shambhala. They can be divided into two groups--the first seven are referred to as Dharmarajas or Chogyal, "Truth Kings". The following 25 are referred to as Kalki or Rigden, "Wisdom Holders".

The Seven Dharmarajas

  1. Suchandra/Chandrabhadra/Dawa Sangpo: A 10th-ground bodhisattva; the whole of Shambhala became enlightened while Suchandra ruled.
  2. Devendra/Lhayi Wang: "Fond of Sentient Beings"
  3. Tejasvin/Taji/Ziji Chän: "Bearer of the Dharma Wheel and the Auspicious Conch"
  4. Chandradatta/Somadatta/Dawä Jin: "Lord of Speakers"
  5. Deveshvara/Sureshvara/Lhaji Wangchug: "Destroyer of the City of Delusion"
  6. Chitrarupa/Vishvamurti/Natshog Zug: "Conqueror of False Leaders, Holding a Lotus"
  7. Devesha/Sureshana/Lhayi Wangdän: "Cutter of Delusion, Uprooter of Karma and Klesha"

The 25 Kalki

  1. Manjushrikirti/Manjughoshikirti/Jampal Trakpa: He put the Kalachakra tantra in a condensed, simplified form known as the "Sri Kalachakra" or "Laghutantra".
  2. Pundarika/Pema Karpo: "White Lotus, Cherished by the Lord of Potala". His commentary Vimalaprabha/"Stainless Light" survives today. The Dalai Lamas are considered incarnations of Pundarika.
  3. Bhadra/Zangpo: "One who Rules by the Thousand-spoked Wheel"
  4. Vijaya/Nampar Gyäl: "Attractor of Wealth, Victorious in War"
  5. Mitrabhadra Sumitra/Shenyen Zangpo: "Integrator of Method and Wisdom, Victorious over Samsara"
  6. Ratnapani/Raktapani/Rinchen Chag: "Holder of the Blissful Vajra and Bell"
  7. Vishnugupta/Kyabjug Bäpa: "Smiling Holder of the Trident and Mala"
  8. Suryakirti/Arkakirti/Nyima Drag: "Annihilator of Wild Demons"
  9. Subhadra/Shintu Zangpo: "Holder of the Sword and Shield"
  10. Samudra Vijaya/Gyatso Namgyäl: "Annihilator of all types of Devils"
  11. Durjaya/Aja/Gyälka: "Who binds with Unbreakable Iron Chains"
  12. Surya/Suryapada/(Wonang) Nyima: "All-Pervading, Radiant Jewel Light"
  13. Chitrarupa/Vishvarupa/Natshog Zug(chän): "Holder of the Vajra Prod and Noose"
  14. Shashiprabha/Sasiprabha/Chandraprabha/Dawäi Ö: "Lord of Secret Mantras, Holder of the Wheel and Conch"
  15. Ananta/Thayä/Nyen: "Holder of the Mallet that Crushes False Ideas"
  16. Shripaala/Parthiva: "Holder of the Cleaver that Cuts the Bonds of Ignorance"
  17. Shripala/Pälkyong: "Annihilator of the Host of Demons"
  18. Singha/Senge: "Who Stuns the Elephant with his Vajra"
  19. Vikranta/Nampar Nön: "Subduer of the Mass of Foes, the Inner and Outer Classes of Devils"
  20. Mahabala/Tobpo Che: "Tamer of all False Leaders by Means of the Sound of Mantra"
  21. Aniruddha/Magakpa: "Who Draws and Binds the Entire Three Worlds"
  22. Narasingha/Miyi Senge: "Ruling by the Wheel, Holding the Conch"
  23. Maheshvara/ Wangchug Che: "Victorious over the Armies of Demons"
  24. Anantavijaya/Anantajaya/Thaye Namgyäl: "Holder of the vajra and Bell"
  25. Raudra Chakrin/Rudrin Chakrin/Trakpo Chakkhorchen: "Forceful Wheel Holder"

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