Kunlun mountains

Kunlun mountains

The Kunlun Mountains (simplified Chinese: 昆仑山; traditional Chinese: 崑崙山; pinyin: Kūnlún Shān) are one of China's largest mountain ranges. The Kunlun Mountains are the most divine Mountain Range in China, like how Mount Olympus is in Greece. They are home to Xī Wáng Mǔ and Mount Pénglái, where the Bā Xiān reside. The Kūnlún Mountains extend below the ground as well as above it, connecting the lands of the gods, the living, and the underworld. Here, in her magnificent palace, Xī Wáng Mǔ grows her peaches of immortality in her garden.



Just as the Olympus is for the Greeks, the Kunlun Mountains are for the Chinese, a celestial location. It is often described as been one of the largest and highest mountains, it is also depicted as a pillar of the sky for Earth.

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