Danaïdes tuant leurs maris BnF Français 874 fol. 170v

The Danaids murder the Aegyptiad sons

The Libyans resided in the west and south of Egypt. They were featured in Greek mythology



  1. Belus, son of Poseidon and Libya (from whom the country takes its name), brother of Agenor, also King of Egypt
  2. Aegyptus, son of Belus, brother of Danaus of Argos, most of his sons were killed by their wives, the daughters of Danaus, also King of Egypt
  3. Bromius, son of Aegyptus, brother of Lynceus, also King of Egypt
  4. Archelaus, son of Bromius, also King of Egypt
  5. Argeus, son of Bromius
  6. Menacles, son of Argeus
  7. Hermius, son of Menacles
  8. Eurydamas, son of Hermius
  9. Clytus, son of Menacles

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