King Lycaon 2

Lycaon was an ancient king of Arcadia . He fathered fifty sons each of whom founded and gave their names to a towns or villages of Arcadia. He sought to test the divinity of Zeus by serving him a slaughtered child--either his son Nyctimus or a Molossian captive. Zeus was furious and overturning the table, destroyed the fifty sons of Lycaon with lightning-bolts, and turned the king into a wolf. Lycaon was succeeded on the throne by his youngest son Nyctimos. Some say that Nyctimos was preserved by Gaia (the Earth) when his brothers were struck down by the lightning-bolts of Zeus, others that he was the child sacrificed by Lycaon who was afterwards resurrected by the gods.

Preceded by:
King of Arcadia
Succeeded by

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