Etty-Candaules King of Lydia Shews his Wife to Gyges

Gyges spies on Candaules and his wife

The Lydians were an Anatolian peoples of Asia Minor who supported Troy in the Trojan War.



  1. Manes, son of Zeus
  2. Atys, son of Manes
  3. Lydus, son of Atys
  4. Tmolus, son of Lydus
  5. Omphale, widow of Tmolus
  6. Tantalus, step-son of Tmolus, son of Zeus
  7. Tantalus, grandson of Tantalus
    280px-Kroisos stake Louvre G197

    Croesus on his pyre


  1. Agron, son of Ninus, grandson of Belus, great-grandson of Alcaeus, great-great-grandson of Heracles and Omphale
  2. Alcymius, son of Agron
  3. Adrymetes, son of Alcymius
  4. Cambletes, son of Adymetes
  5. Theodymus, son of Cambletes
  6. Marysus, son of Theodymus
  7. Iardanus, son of Marsyus
  8. Tylus, son of Iardanus
  9. 10 more kings (names unknown) sons from their fathers
  10. Ardys, son of his predecessor
  11. Alyattes, son of Ardys
  12. Meles, son of Alyattes
  13. Candaules, son of Meles


  1. Gyges, husband of Candaules' widow
  2. Ardys, son of Gyges
  3. Sadyattess, son of Ardys
  4. Alyattes, son of Sadyattes
  5. Croesus, son of Alyattes, defeated by the Persians

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