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760px-J G Trautmann Das brennende Troja

The Trojan War was a 10-year long war fought at Troy between Mycenae and her allies (notably Sparta, Athens, Pylos, Thebes, etc), against Troy and her allies (notably Dardania, Lycia, Aethiopia, Amazonia, Thrace). The war consisted mainly of the siege of the city of Troy, as well as sallies made by the defenders and Greek forays into neighbouring regions allied with the Anatolian city. The Trojan War ended with the trick retreat of the Greek forces, with a small number remaining in a wooden horse. The Trojans rolled the horse into the city believing it was a peace offering and a gift to the Gods. When night fell, the Greek men got out of the horse and opened the city gates, enabling the returning Greek armies to breach the city and ransack it.


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