Acan is the Maya god of wine.


Acaat is a Yucatec divine patron of those making scarifications and tattoos.

Ah Chuy Kak

Ah Chuy Kak is the Maya god of war, he is also known as the Fire Destroyer. He is pretty violent.

Ah Ciliz

Ah Ciliz is the Maya god of eclipses. Ah Ciliz is a servant of the Sun, who awaits his master at table to devour him. He is a deity proper to Mesoamerica.

Ah Mun

God of all crops.

Ah Muzencab

Ah Muzencab is the Maya god of bees.

Ah Pekku

Ah Pekku is the Maya god of thunder. His Greek counterpart is Zeus, and his Norse counterpart is Thor.

Ah Puch

The god of death.


An upper god and creator deity. One of his aspects is Kinich Ahau, the Maya sun god.


Patroness of human fertility and medicine.


THe goddess of suicides. In Mayan culture, suicide was an honorable way to die, and thus Ixtab accompanied suicides directly to heaven.


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