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This article is about the inhabitants of the city of Megara. For the wife of Heracles, see Megara. For the erinys, see Megaera

The Megarians resided in Megara and the Megarid, near Corinth.


  1. Apidanus, son of Poseidon
  2. Nisos, brother-in-law of Apidanus, son of Metion of Athens and brother of Aegeus and Lycus of Lycia
  3. Megareus, son of Apidanus
  4. Timalcus, son of Megareus
  5. Alcathous, son-in-law of Megareus, father-in-law of Telamon of Salamis and Aegina
  6. Ischepolis, son of Alcathous

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