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The Messenians were a peoples of the south-western Peloponessos. They resided mainly in Pylos.

Rulers of MesseniaEdit


  1. Neleus, son of Poseidon and Tyro, brother of Pelias and Amythaon
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    Nestor, most notable of the kings of Messenia and Pylos

  2. Nestor, son of Neleus and Chloris
  3. Thrasymedes, son of Nestor and Eurydice
  4. Aretus, son of Nestor and Eurydice
  5. Paeon, son of Antilochus, grandson of Nestor and Eurydice
  6. Melanthus , son of Paeon and ancestor of the Alcmaeonidae of Athens, also King of Athens


  1. Cresphontes, son of Aristomachus, grandson of Cleodamus, great-grandson of Hyllus, great-great-grandson of Heracles and Deinaeira.

Conquered by Lacadaemon/SpartaEdit

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