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350px-Midgard (Sö 56, Fyrby)
Old Norse runes spelling a:miþkarþi/à Miðgarði, meaning "in Midgard", on the Fyrby Runestone
General Info
Mythology Norse mythology
Inhabitants Humans, Jörmungandr and others

Midgard (Old Norse: Miðgarðr meaning "middle enclosure") is one of the Nine realms of Norse mythology. It is the realm of men and is the only realm fully visible to mankind, though other realms intersect with it.

Midgard is bordered by Niflheim to the north and Muspelheim to the south. It is surrounded by an ocean inhabited by the world-encircling Jörmungandr, often referred to as "Miðgarðsormr" or the "Midgard seprent". It is also connected to Asgard, the realm of the Aesir, by the Bifröst.

In mythologyEdit


The world of Midgard is destined to be destroyed during Ragnarök; the end of the world. Jormungandr will arise from the ocean and poison the land with his venom. Opposing forces of Aesir, Vanir and other allies will fight Loki and the Jotnar, amongst other forces, at Vigrid. Resulting casualties will include many of the gods and their enemies (Jormungandr and Thor will be slain by each other). The world will then be engulfed in the flames of Surtr and sink into the sea, only to rise anew.

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