Minthe (or Menthe) is a water Nymph in Greek Mythology. She presides on the River Cocytus, the underworld

General Info
Title(s) Nymph of Cocytus
river. She was associated with plant that said to be named after her, mint. Story said that the god of the Underworld, Hades was attracted by her beauty and had an affair. But his wife, Persephone, found out about the affair and intervened. Out of anger, Persephone metamorphosed Minthe into an aromatic plant that we know today as mint. In some version of the story, she was the one who fell in love with Hades, not the other way around.



  • In relation to this legend, mint is used in ancient funerary rites to mask the smell of the dead and is sacred to Hades.
  • According to some source, the way Persephone metamorphose Menthe is by stepping on her with all her might.



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