Because of it's rich amount of content mythology is heavily used in popular culture, and as such in famous media such as comic books and graphic novels.

Comic books

Marvel Comics

Image Comic book Description
Journey-Into-Mystery-83 Journey into Mystery Journey into Mystery is an american comic book series published by Marvel Comics and formerly by Atlas Comics, which featured monsters, horror stories, science fiction and mythical stories.

The series introduced in issue #83 the godly superhero Thor, who is based on the mythical Norse god of the same name.

Thor (Vol 3) 1 Thor Thor is a comic book first published by Marvel Comics on 1962. The comic book centers on the super hero life and adventures of the Norse god Thor, which is based on the mythical norse god of the same name.

Later on, both the mantle of Thor and the Mjolnir are taken by a female mysterious character.

Thor-God of Thunder 1 Thor: God of Thunder

Bluewater Productions

Image Comic book Description
Wrath of the Titans-Revenge of Medusa Wrath of the Titans: Revenge of Medusa

Avatar Press

Image Comic book Description
Godisdead3 God is Dead Gods from mythology's multiple pantheons return to modern day civilization to make a statement and become the rulers of the world once more.

Other publishers

Image Comic book Description
Immortals gods and heroes Immortals: Gods and Heroes Immortals: Gods and Heroes is an anthology giant-size 100-pages graphic novel released by Relativity Digital, which acts as a prequel to the 2011 epic fantasy film Immortals.

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