Nāmaka (or Nā-maka-o-Kahaʻi, the eyes of Kahaʻi) is the Hawaiian goddess of the sea.

In Mythology

Creation of Hawaii

This story involves the Hawaiian goddesses, Pele and Namaka. Pele was the goddess of fire, while Namaka was the goddess of the sea. They were complete opposites and even though they were related, Pele and Namaka were enemies. Pele and her family lived on the island of Far Kahiki. Namaka kept sending tidal waves through Pele’s lands. Pele and her family grew tired of Namaka’s doings so, they got a canoe from Pele’s brother, the shark god. They were trying to find a new home but Namaka kept them from making a permanent home in almost all the Hawaiian Islands, but finally, Pele was strong enough to fight off Namaka.