Nanaue emerging from the sea

Nanaue is the name of the shark man in Hawaiian Mythology. He was the son of the shark king and a Hawaiian maiden named Kalei.

The Story

Nanaue was born on a very dark night in Waipio Valley, the son of Kamohoalii, the shark king, and Kalei, a Waipio Valley maiden. The shark king warned Kalei not to let Nanaue eat meat and it was not too long before Kalei noticed that he had a gaping fish mouth on his back. As Nanaue grew up, his deformity was kept secret. One day, Kalei let Nanaue eat meat, and he had a sudden taste for flesh. He began to eat people while they swam at near the shores of the sea. The townspeople noticed that Nanaue wasn't being eaten at the sea and they became suspicious. Not too long later, they found that he was the shark, but before they could kill him he escaped. He got to the island of Maui, and married a chiefess. Even though he tried to resist temptation, his thirst for blood got to best of him and he devoured a young maiden in plain sight. Before they could kill him he escaped to another island called Malokai. He kept it a secret. Meanwhile, the stories of a shark man has began to spread among the islands. One day, the people saw him shape shift and beat him with clubs until he was dead.

Works that reference Nanaue

Pool Shark- The Haunting Hour- Season 1, Episode 18

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