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The 24th spirit of the Goetia, Nebiros (or Naberius) appears as a three headed dog or a raven. He has a raucous voice but presents himself as eloquent and amiable. He teaches the art of gracious living. He is depicted as a crow or black crane.

The Grand Grimoire regards Nebiros as the Field Marshal and Inspector General of the armies of Hell. He can be conjured to inflict woes upon anyone, discover the Hand of Glory, teach the mystic and occult qualities of all animals, plants, and minerals, and supply necromantic advice.

Curiously, one of the three Goetic nobles under his direct authority is Naberius, suggesting that the Grand Grimoire's author understood the two spellings to signify distinct demons. The other two subordinates are Glasya-Labolas and Ayperos.

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