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The Nereids were the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris. They represented the sea and all salt-water bodies. The most well-known of them are Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon, and Thetis, wife of Peleus.


  1. Agave, the illustrious
  2. Actaea, Nereid of the sea-shore
  3. Amathea, nurse of fish
  4. Amphinome, Nereid of the sea's bounty
  5. Amphitrite, Queen of the Sea, wife of Poseidon
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  6. Autonoe
  7. Dero
  8. Dexamene
  9. Dynamene, Nereid of the sea's power
  10. Eione
  11. Eugora, Nereid of the good assembling of ships
  12. Eucrante, Nereid of successful voyages
  13. Eulimene, Nereid of the good harbour
  14. Eumolpe
  15. Eunice, Nereid of maritime victories
  16. Galatea, Nereid of the sea foam, loved by Polyphemus
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  17. Galena, Nereid of the calm seas
  18. Glauce, Nereid of the grey waters
  19. Glauconome
  20. Halia, Nereid of the brine
  21. Hipponoe, Nereid of sea horses and Icthyocentaurs
  22. Callianassa, the lovely Queen
  23. Callianeira
  24. Calliste, the beautiful
  25. Calypso, the concealed
  26. Crato, Nereid of power
  27. Clymene, Nereid of fame, wife of Iapetus and mother of Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas and Menoetius
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  28. Cymodoce, Nereid of steady waves
  29. Cymothoe, Nereid of running waves
  30. Laomedea, leader of sea-creatures
  31. Lysianassa
  32. Maera
  33. Melanippe
  34. Melite
  35. Nausithoe, Nereid of swift ships
  36. Neomeris, Nereid of wise counsel
  37. Neso, Nereid of the islands
  38. Panopeia
  39. Phasithea
  40. Pherousa, rescuer of sailors
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    Polynome, the many-pastured
  42. Pontomedusa, guardian of the sea
  43. Pontoperia, guardian of sea-crossings
  44. Pronoe
  45. Protomedea, Nereid of maiden voyages
  46. Psamathe, Nereid of sand
  47. Soteria, Nereid of naval safety
  48. Themiste
  49. Thetis
  50. Thoe, the swift-running
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